The importance of emergency lighting in evacuation

The importance of emergency lighting in evacuation

Evacuation plans are a fundamental part of the self-protection plan that every company, facility or building must have legalized and updated. In our article we talk about the importance of the quality of the emergency plan to avoid accidents as much as possible and recover normal activity in the shortest period of time.

The particular characteristic that differentiates an evacuation plan for a place of public concurrence is that the subject of the action plan, that is, the public that could potentially be in the facilities does not know the place and has not been able to receive prior training in the facility. content of the Self-Protection Plan.

Within this self-protection and emergency plan, lighting plays a fundamental role. Having a light source that is activated when the power supply fails protects us from accidents and prevents panic. That is why it is very important to have adequate emergency lighting.

Nowadays the appearance of emergency situations in buildings of great capacity, housing hundreds of people in them, can force a massive evacuation of its occupants. Even with trained personnel, it may be impossible to access all locations, which would mean long evacuation times and therefore possible loss of human life.

In addition, in an emergency, people tend to evacuate through the building's access entrance, ignoring signage and evacuation exits, due to lack of training, information, clarity or visibility thereof. That is why the importance of good signage is one of the KEY factors to help increase security in the event that it is necessary to leave a building is the evacuation time.

But what if good signage and perfect lighting is guiding you to the problem?

In current systems, the state of the building is not known and there are only the routes to the nearest exit, without knowing where a possible problem has occurred. This would mean leading people to an unsafe evacuation.

On the other hand, we are facing a new inflection point for building automation systems, the fourth industrial revolution, digital transformation, IoT or also called industry 4.0, which has also reached the emergency lighting sector and provides us with tools that They can provide us with everything necessary to reduce times and increase the safety of evacuation of a building in a state of emergency.

Alioth, the solution for smart evacuation

Zemper is very aware of this problem and, betting on innovation in security, offers a disruptive idea:

" Alioth ", a solution for the management of total and intelligent evacuation in buildings, which considers the emergency not only from the point of view of a fire, but also takes into account more types of emergencies such as a gas leak, an earthquake, a terrorist attack, etc. In such a way that Alioth, through its elements, is able to provide information on what is happening and where, in real time.

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That is why Zemper offers a complete solution allowing an adaptive evacuation to the different emergency situations that occur in a building, using all the information from it in real time and can guide people to a safe place through its adaptive emergency lighting.