The importance of access management


The importance of access management: 3 keys you should know

Identifying the people who enter a company or an area, and authorizing their entry not only improves security but also facilitates control. At Grupo SPEC we show you today the importance of access management

Every worker has the right to effective protection in terms of safety during the provision of their services. This is established by the Workers' Statute in article 19. Well, one of the measures most used by companies to guarantee it is to establish an adequate access management system.

Today we are going to show you why it is important for your company to have one, not only for the safety of the workers themselves but also for another series of aspects necessary for a correct business organization. 

3 key functionalities of access management

If, as we already explained, visit control has numerous advantages, access management is also a system that contributes to greater efficiency as a security and control tool in any company. But what are its functionalities? 

1. Authentication

The access management system can identify people or vehicles to request access to a company or a particular area thereof. Thanks to a specific access control terminal, such as our XGA model or the RWT terminal, the system requires identification by proximity cards or fingerprint or if it is a vehicle, even by reading the license plate. 

2. Authorization

After authentication, the system software quickly performs the corresponding checks and sends the order to open or not open access. In addition, by creating what are known as access profiles, the application can determine who, when, and where can enter or leave an area, as well as the time spent in it. 

3. Traceability

Access management systems, in addition to identifying and authorizing entry or exit, make it possible to obtain lists of the people present in an area or enclosure. With what purpose? Well, to guarantee the safety of the employees themselves, thanks to knowing their location, it will be easier if you need to develop an evacuation and emergency plan.

Another of the functions related to the traceability of access management is the capacity control of an area, and that is that the software will prevent access to more people when it detects that the capacity is complete. 

And to have these functionalities, the netTime 5 and SPECManager 4 software are the essential tools for both large corporations and small and medium-sized companies. A good example is the Autonomous University of Barcelona, which for many years has relied on the experience of Grupo SPEC and manages access control and timetables with our solutions.

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Thanks to this, more than 100,000 people are registered in the database and can use the campus access system - both students and workers. 

But if you need more information about access management systems for your company, contact us, we will meet all your expectations!